Mini Golf + Arcades + Food & Drinks + Entertainment

Thanks for including us on this list, Supercall!

This new Saint Paul bar really is a wonderland. Opened in January of 2017 by a group who wanted to make art more fun and accessible, the 19,000 square-foot bar/Putt-Putt/arcade/performance space has everything you could ever want at any given time. There’s an 18-hole mini golf course with holes designed by 56 local artists (including one hole where you hit the ball off a tee with a baseball bat), two main bars offering Willy Wonka-esque cocktails designed by Bittercube, live music, R-rated puppet shows put on by Jim Henson alums, bingo, and there’s even a giant pink stegosaurus that hides a secret bar. The drinks, which co-owner Jennifer Pennington refers to as “carny drinks,” range from the indulgent (like the Death of a Circus, a spiked vanilla-and-banana malt topped with circus peanuts) to the downright insane (like the That Carrot Drink, which comes in a terracotta pot with edible dirt). “We strive to make it a really fun experience—but one that’s not ever the same,” Pennington says.
755 Prior Ave N #004, St Paul, MN 55104