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Big Deal

Type: Pinball
Year: 1977
Maker: Williams
Players: 1-4 player
Theme: Card Game

This wonderful 1977 pinball features lots of action on the colorful glass cards, dancing women, and extravagant band that plays. Big Deal features lightning-fast game play and 7 fun drop targets to try and hit.

Trivia: In 1977 when this game was new, Star Wars opened in cinemas and subsequently becomes the then-highest grossing film of all time.

How to play:

  • Complete 4 aces to light extra ball
  • Win Extra balls on horse shoe rollover when lit
  • Complete the Big or Deal targets to light 1st star, complete them again to light 2nd star.
  • Complete all seven targets to win a free game!
  • Scoring up to 999,990