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Presented by Pledge Empire Records: We are celebrating the life of Michael Jackson! If you are a fan of the King of Pop Michael Jackson or his childhood era of music with the Jackson 5. This event is for you. We are going to celebrate the life of the greatest musician of all time by playing all of his hit songs, his dance songs and the music he made that changed the world during his time on earth. This is strictly a dance party, no performances. Just a big party and dancing all night. A celebration of the life of Michael Jackson. Come out to the official Michael Jackson celebration in St.Paul

Music All Night by: DJ Airman Heat
Hosted by: Big Wiz (Long Doe Records)

When: November 22nd, 2017
Where: Can Can Wonderland
Time: 9pm-12am

Videography and Photography by: Dreams &Wonderlands

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Sing your favorite Michael Jackson song contest.

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