Thank you to Twin Cities Business for including us in this piece on mission-driven companies!

This hipster playground, which opened in 2017, has gotten a lot of attention for its artsy mini golf course, vintage pinball arcade, and whimsical cocktails, but Can Can Wonderland takes the arts to heart: It’s Minnesota’s first arts-based public benefit corporation. “The three of us had been involved in the arts for almost two decades, and the fundraising cycle was always frustrating,” says co-founder and CEO Jennifer Pennington of herself and her two partners. “When the recession occurred, a lot of arts funding went away. We wanted to find a way to create ongoing, stable funding for the arts, to pay artists, and to grow new audiences for the arts, to engage people in the arts. We became a PBC as a way to institutionalize those values in the business.” Can Can Wonderland drew approximately 200,000 visitors in its first year in business and paid $570,000 to artists and arts groups that performed or created work for the venue.