Mini Golf + Arcades + Food & Drinks + Entertainment

WCCO: Can Can Wonderland in St. Paul is undergoing transformations and installing a self-serve beverage wall.

The 36 self-service tap wall offers local and regional beer, wine, cocktails, cider, kombucha and cold press coffee.

It is produced by iPourIt, a self-serve beverage dispense company. The system offers a unique experience and less waiting time.

Can Can Wonderland is the first arts-based public benefit corporation in Minnesota, giving all profits to the Minneapolis and St. Paul artist community.

The venue has mini golf, boardwalk, arcade, live music, scratch-made food, creative cocktails, boozy milkshakes and now a beer wall.

“We are very excited to be partners with a company that is so passionate about its local community and artists,” said Vice President of iPourIt, Darren Nicholson. “The Can Can Wonderland team has brought an extremely fun and unique experience to the Twin Cities, and people love it! iPourIt is honored to add the self-serve beer and wine concept to this experience.”