Howdy y’all!!

Well, this past spring and summer sucked! We’ve been thinking about you and hope you’re making it through. The judgement calls we had to make last spring were difficult, and we did not take those lightly. We acknowledge the ramifications of the mandated shut down on our team and community. The safety and stability of our team was at the forefront of our minds with every decision made.

However, we are eager to share some exciting news with you after a seven month hiatus!!! After a lot of deliberation, we have found a way to reopen our doors in a way that we believe is safe and goes beyond the CDC guidelines at the local, state, and federal level.

Can Can Wonderland will look different, but we’ll try to make it feel the same. Stay tuned for our painstakingly specific health, safety, and whimsy protocols!

To the Guests, Neighbors, and Community of Can Can Wonderland,
We can’t wait to see you <3